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Now with , everything is different, just be the owner of a car with less than ten years old , and you can acquire this loan, simple, discreet and in 24 hours you have the money in your account to turn your purposes into reality . Do you need extra money? Are you planning to start a business? Do you want to finish university? Do you intend to pay some past due bills, but the bank cannot loan you? Now you can pawn your car and keep driving it, there is no longer a need to ditch your belongings to get money quickly.

What is , is a commercial company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which complies with all the legal requirements of incorporation, registration, etc .; Which is dedicated to offering immediate liquidity solutions, specifically it is a loan that is granted for your vehicle, without having to pawn it, as long as it is less than ten years old, it will be eligible for the credit, in 6 simple steps:

  • Basic vehicle data for evaluation
  • Credit appraisal and car value
  • Signature of the contracts before a notary
  • You receive the money to your account in 24 hours
  • You keep driving your car
  • You pay the debt with 0% interest for up to 42 months.

Advantages of choosing TuCocheTieneCredito

There are many advantages that you can take advantage of when you get a loan for your car , with more than 20 years of experience making business and personal projects a reality, is the best option in the sector, the most remunerative, efficient and discreet.

If your car is your indispensable work tool, do not get rid of it, keep it, in less than 24 hours your credit will be authorized, and the money will be deposited in your account, from that moment you can make use of this resource, paying in comfortable monthly payments set by yourself to pay the borrowed amount comfortably.

You can also do it in a very simple way, without the need for so much paperwork or small letters, turn your vehicle into quick money , without unnecessary paperwork, in a practical and discreet way. The seriousness and commitment characterize the credits of , do not think about it anymore, make what you have always thought of doing come true.

The contracts are signed before a notary so the final amount to be paid and the term, as well as the full legality of the event, is verified.

Main Features of Your Car Has Credit

The most important and characteristic of and its excellent opportunities is that the evaluation is very good, the response time is very short, the transaction is beneficial and discreet, and the payment is comfortable and flexible, so obtain a credit for your car is an incredibly useful tool for solving financial problems or undertaking new goals and businesses.

The valuation is completely free. Just by providing the data of your car, such as the make, model, version, year, mileage and type of fuel, as well as the license and road tax. You will receive the valuation very quickly, relying on the GANVAM Guide of the National Association of Motor Vehicle Sellers. So you will get a real value previously established for the year and model of your car.

To be valued, the experts and specialized mechanics will check your car at the MIDAS workshop closest to your residence, to confirm that it is worth what the GANVAM Guide refers to and that it does not have any damage that prevents it from functioning.

Types of loans offered by

There are two types of loans for your car:

  • The one for cars 10 years old or less, which is applied to High End cars, whose resale value is higher, so two years older are accepted.
  • The one for cars 8 years old or less, which applies to most brands and cars from the Mid to Low Range.

Both loans can be paid in the way you want, having up to a maximum of 42 monthly payments to pay, there is the freedom to choose how long you can recover the credit that was granted to you, turning it into a comfortable, flexible and safe loan, leaving behind unpayable bank loans, with interest rates through the roof.

With say goodbye to all the banks that cannot lend you because of your credit history, and welcome a flexible and remunerative credit that benefits your economy instead of harming it.

Credit requirements offered by

The only thing you need is to be the owner of a vehicle with less than 10 years and have it in order to drive it, because you will never get rid of it, it will be an investment tool. What you need to process is to have the invoice or a copy of it, as well as an official identification.

You just have to value the vehicle, sign the contracts before a notary in the most legal and regulated way possible, and voila, you will have the credit money in your account, without small letters or fraud.

Discover how much you can do with your car without getting rid of it with Your Car Has Credit .

How to apply for a loan at

The loan is requested by phone or in person in our offices distributed throughout Spain, an advisor will inform you and solve any doubt you have regarding credit, he will also tell you if your car is a candidate for the loan, just by providing the brand, the model , version, year, and mileage.

It will tell you an estimate of the current value of your car, so you will have to check it at the MIDAS workshop closest to your home, where a certified expert will check that your car is worth what the GANVAM Guide and the advisor told you, this procedure will be completely free and very fast.

After this you will be given immediate approval, there will be a signing of contracts before a notary establishing the final amounts and monthly payments to be paid, and in 24 hours you will have the total amount of credit available in your account to be able to fulfill your goals and purposes without any obstacle .

How to repay loans from

You decide when to pay, initially the repayment period is 12 months, but it can be up to 42 months, your decision, it is your credit, it is your car, without commissions or interest.

Clearly, only you know when and for how long you can recover the money from the credit, so your request is taken as a reference to assess the amount and the term in which you will pay the credit, making it accessible to anyone who has a car with less 10 years, whatever the brand.

Repaying the loan is the easiest part, you just have to make the decision to meet your goals and purposes today.

Your Car Customer Service Has Credit

The service provided by TuCocheTieneCredito is in ALL SPAIN, except in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Similarly, for more information, you can contact the email or phone 91 489 68 42 where the staff will gladly assist you to resolve your credit without problems in a few minutes.

Extensions and Postponements in TuCocheTieneCredito

To settle the credit payment, a repayment period is initially established between 12 and 42 months, which should never be less than 60 days.

But you decide when you want and you can return the amount, and thus you recover the ownership of the vehicle.

With 0% interest.

Opinions about

Juan Sevilla: Excellent option, I paid for the master's degree and with the work they gave me I was able to pay the loan without problems.

Alicia Canto: Very discreet and efficient, I wanted to start a bakery, but I didn't have the way to get credit. Thanks to Your Car Has Credit, the business of my dreams came true.

Ana Rodríguez: Very good and fast, since I took out a loan with my car, I became associated with my sister and we started selling fast food, a project that we always wanted to undertake, but we had not had the opportunity to take off.

Roberto Tapia: Magnificent service, very fast and reliable after checking my car, I signed the contracts and before 24 hours the money was in my account, I regret that it took so long to discover that my car could generate income, not only take them off.


In conclusion, you can complete all the goals and purposes that you have set, it is only a matter of getting even more out of your car, in addition to transporting you and consuming gasoline, it can give you money, without getting rid of it, the Simpler way and with 0% interest, with Your Car Has Credit there is no easier way to achieve what you propose.

With the best interest rate and the best benefits, it is only a matter of completing the simple steps for the valuation and authorization, and you will be ready to obtain a loan for your car without getting rid of it, and thus face any economic obstacle you have.


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