Although Spain is one of the countries that receives more tourists every year, statistics also show that we are increasingly going out around the world for work as well as leisure and enjoyment.


Before getting duped into planning a trip we must carry money

Before getting duped into planning a trip we must carry money

Either in the form of a card or in cash in the local currency of the country. From Mr. Barkins we recommend always carrying a card since it is an accepted medium in practically any corner of the planet and with which to be able to get out of any situation. In addition, they are very comfortable if we do not know the currencies and banknotes of the country itself along with the advantage of not having to carry large amounts of money on top with risk of course.

The credit card offers both the option of paying on-site and the ability to withdraw money from any ATM. Now, depending on the bank, the conditions and services provided vary from one to another.

The most advisable thing is to make sure before using the card we can withdraw debit money from any ATM without having to pay any commission for it whether we travel within the national territory or abroad. We must also request that they have small limits, in case of loss or loss and thus run the least possible risk or the fact of having activated alerts that inform us of the times when the card is used.


With all these recommendations


we will ensure that you are calm and safe on our trip with the guarantee that at any time we can withdraw cash or simply make a purchase using this payment method.

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