Credit insurance: how to insure your sales?

With globalization, companies are seeing new opportunities and new markets are emerging. But when it comes to commercial relations, unforeseen events can quickly have serious consequences for a transaction that seemed a priori safe. Late payment or bankruptcy of the customer and put the company in a dangerous situation and sometimes insolvency. So, what are […]

Bitcoin Based Social Loans

The already mentioned bitcoin enjoys great recognition abroad and will soon appear in Poland. I am talking about one of the cryptocurrencies that operates independently of banks, institutions or governments. What’s more, it is available everywhere we can use the internet. We can use it by skipping banks and intermediaries, so that we will avoid […]

How to Become a Bank Manager?

Information about how to become a bank manager, how to become a bank manager, the conditions for becoming a bank manager, and what are the conditions for becoming a bank manager are included in our article. The common dream of all the personnel who started to work in banks is to become the manager of […]

Loans to Pensioners

Pensioners Loan The category of pensioners has suffered to a great extent from the economic crisis of recent years, and still many elderly people find themselves in conditions of great difficulty, if not even in a state of poverty. The pensions of Italians, in fact, are much lower than those of other European countries, and […]

What are Passive Income?

Whenever you read something about the concept of financial independence you will always find that of passive income next door. But what exactly is this passive income ? It is a concept that Berto Koyosakii introduced in his book Padre Rico, Padre Pobre . Possibly someone said it before but I went to him to […]