The Money Store - Request Mini-credits or Pawn your car

The Money Store offers loans of mini credits , credit for your car , purchase and sale of gold, and purchase and sale of watches and pawns of up to one year.

Quick money without the need for explanations. The solution when it comes to economic issues.

What is The Money Store?

It is the best solution to get money, offering different ways to make deals, such as mini credits, credit for your car, buying and selling of gold, watches and pawns for up to one year.

Discover the facilities of La Tienda del Dinero and get money fast.

A company with a long history and with more than 6,000 clients who have trusted it.

What makes La Tienda del Dinero different from others?

In the times that exist today, the help of others is strongly needed, and sometimes it is difficult to get it. The money store is here to help us.

They seek to make life easier for their clients in order to get out of these difficult times together. Give that push you need to finish this month, so you can buy that much-needed car or get the money for your dream project.

The best thing is that they seek to expand their borders to always offer products at all times, so the project they are currently managing is their website, where you can receive all the products that their stores have at no charge.

Of course, they still manage their stores in Ceuta, Melilla and Estepona and you can receive service via email or telephone.

Advantages of choosing La Tienda del Dinero

As they are currently more focused on their website, you will be able to find the services that The Money Store offers online, without commitments and if you make a deal with them, you will receive money in just a matter of hours. This happens because with the data they request, they can make a bank transfer to your account and you will only have to worry about finding an ATM or going to the nearest bank.

Main features of The Money Store

  • Credit through your car
    • You can get a credit that covers 70% of the total value of your car or up to € 6,000.
    • They guarantee your car regardless of whether it is in Credit Checker or RAI, even if you are a pensioner.
    • You do not need to change ownership. Nor will you have to leave your car in a warehouse or charge you rent, so you can drive it without any problem.
    • They have a package of services that are included in the evaluation of your car:
      • Ganvam report regarding the current condition of your vehicle (2 years maximum).
      • Study to request an increase in your loan.
      • Amortization insurance for total loss.
      • Technical revision and maintenance per year (MIDAS workshop).
      • 18% APR.
      • Customer area on the website.
      • 5 days of courtesy on your first installment.
      • Personalized assistance.
    • Mini credits without endorsement. Money in a matter of hours.
      • Mini credit for up to 3 months
      • Mini credit for up to 6 months.

Types of loans in the Money Store

They handle credit with your car as collateral, valuing it based on official organizations such as GANVAM and DGT. You can request a loan reflecting up to 70% of the value of your car or up to € 6,000.

You can also get personal loans, that is, mini credits in terms of 3 months (mini credit from € 50 to € 300) or 6 months (mini credit from € 50 to € 400).

Requirements to apply for a loan

To leave your car as collateral you will require the following:

  • Your car must not exceed 12 years of life (2006 model onwards).
  • The car must be in your name, or if it is not the case, the request must be made with the name of the owner.
  • Free of fees, that is, paid in full.
  • Documentation specified on the website, easy to get.

Personal loans:

  • You must specify the mini credit you are requesting, whether it is 3 or 6 months.
  • Estimated time to get the money back.
  • Documentation specified on the website, which is easy to get.
  • The mini credit for 3 months must be paid in a minimum period of 61 days or a maximum of 90 days.
  • The mini credit for 6 months must be paid in a minimum period of 61 days or a maximum of 180 days.
  • You should be aware that there are consequences for failure to pay your fees.

Interest rates handled

The Money Store offers various interest rates for car appraisal services and personal loans. Let's see what they are.

  • Interest rate for car evaluation. - APR of 18%.
  • 3 month mini credit. - APR of 2.354% (Minimum and maximum).
  • 6 month mini credit. - APR of 2.206% (Minimum and maximum).

Can I request a credit with Credit Checker in La Tienda del Dinero?

Of course. They will not bother to ask you what you are using the money for and whether you belong on a delinquent list, so you can acquire a personal loan or an appraisal of your car without problems.

However, if you do not appear on any of these lists and you are not able to cover your mini-credit installments in the agreed terms, your name will be included in the FICO Credit Checker record, and I am sure we do not want that.

Customer service of The Money Store

Do you have any questions regarding the services that La Tienda del Dinero has to offer you? Put your worries aside and contact them to have your concerns resolved and you can get the money you need to start your project.

They have customer service on their website where you can find answers to frequently asked questions from customers.

Contact information:

They have customer service by phone or email from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

If you want to visit them, the address is Calle Angosta del Carme3, 29002 Málaga.

Extensions and postponements

Although it is a very flexible service when requesting a loan with your car as collateral, they handle return periods for mini credits .

If you request a 3-month mini credit, you must cover the specified installments in a minimum of 61 days or a maximum of 90 days, failing that.

For example, if you request a credit of € 200 for 90 days, you will have interest and fees of € 133, that is, you would pay a total of € 333 with an APR of 2.354% included (rate managed in the minimum and maximum period).

If you request a 6-month mini credit, you must cover the specified installments in a minimum of 61 days or a maximum of 90 days, failing that.

For example, if you request a credit of € 400 for 180 days, you will have interest and fees of € 506, that is, you would pay a total of € 906 with an APR of 2,206% included (rate managed in the minimum and maximum period).

When it comes to a mini credit, be completely sure that you will be able to cover the installments in the period you have requested, otherwise, your name will be included in the Credit Checker FICO delinquent registry.

Finally, if you fail to make payments, La Tienda del Dinero has collection agencies that specialize in legal proceedings against defaulters. We don't want to get to legal problems due to lack of payments, right?

Opinions about The Money Store

Ana Gracias.- Do not see it as a source from which you can always get money. Using it responsibly is important. Only apply for your loan when it is an emergency and avoid putting yourself in a situation that could lead to legal problems.

José G.- Ask for loans that fit your payroll or pension when applying for a mini loan. It will be easy to cover and you will be on good terms with the company.

Roberto T.- If you need a little more money, but you are not convinced of being able to pay your installments in the indicated time, the best option would be a loan with your car as collateral. In this credit, you will have the opportunity to establish the dates that you will pay your installments and you can pay it off earlier if you wish. Other points in your favor are the ownership that will remain in your name, you will not have to leave your car in any deposit and you will not pay rents to use it.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that The Money Store is a suitable solution to get money quickly. Whether it's pawning, getting a loan with your car, or requesting a personal loan, they have opportunities for all audiences and they are willing to lend a hand, better still to achieve our dreams.

Don't think twice and contact the specialists of this store, they are waiting to give you the attention you deserve.

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