How To Apply For A Quick Loan With Your Car In Flexicar

Flexicar is the best method to receive a loan through your car , the guarantee of requesting money quickly without inconvenience.

For some years now, the credit business in Spain has been undergoing a very important change. In this regard, it should be mentioned that after the great financial crisis of 2008, obtaining credits and loans from large banks has become a true martyrdom for Spanish citizens, not counting the fact that many of them need credit quickly and accessible to solve your day-to-day problems, which is still a much more difficult and frustrating process since today's financial institutions no longer usually trust this type of service when we find ourselves in an adverse economic scenario.

However, in recent times this situation is no longer a big problem for the general population, thanks to the innovative financing methods that are being presented by various Internet pages, institutions and economic associations that are betting on the Spanish economy by offering credit services quick and easy to access .

Of all these options, some stand out due to the amount of their loans, the level of trust and the methods they offer us to access money easily and quickly, and one of the best options that we can mention in this regard are Group loans Flex ,

What is Flexicar about?

Grupo Flexicar is a vehicle dealership that provides loans through your own car. In this regard, there are many people who, when they need money to solve an urgent problem, usually pawn their car to dealerships where they offer very complicated conditions for the recovery of your car, keeping it in addition, until you finish paying the entire amount of the pawn, with a payment deadline that does not take into account the precarious financial solvency of the applicant.

Consequently, in many of these pawn agencies. There is a high risk that you will lose your vehicle, as they do not provide many options to get it back.

The advantages of choosing Flexicar

When it comes to choosing a credit service, it is very important to take into account the advantages and benefits that each one offers us because due to their great variety, each one of them can offer us different proposals and it is up to us to analyze which ones are best suited to our profiles.

In the case of Flexicar, we can find numerous benefits that make it stand out from many other agencies that offer similar services. For example, the advantages that can be mentioned are as follows:

Its famous flexicar method can practically be accessed from anywhere you are in Spain, so it does not matter if you live in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville or even Valencia.

In any of these cities, Flexicar will be a reliable alternative to the pawn of your vehicle , which most agencies usually ask you to loan you money. In addition, with Flexicar you will always have the best financing options, processes that you can also manage from your computer on the Internet.

Unlike other companies, Flexicar does not ask for problematic documents to prove your financial solvency, so you can request your microloans without the need for payroll or previous studies, only your car is necessary as the only guarantee of the credit you require.

Flexicar allows you to keep your car even after they have granted you the loan, which is a fascinating advantage that shows the confidence that they express in this company from the beginning.

The payment for the pawn of your car is practically at the moment, the same day that you go to take out the loan, an advantage that I could get you out of an economic setback instantly.

Another incredible point of Flexicar is that you only have to make your request online and you do not even have to go to their branches since, if necessary, they themselves come to your home to complete the commitment of your vehicle, which is worth the worth repeating, you can continue to keep for your personal use.

Finally, one of its greatest advantages is that Flexicar adapts to your own payment capabilities, thus offering you the facility for you to choose the number of terms and the amount to pay for your loan.

Flexicar main features

Flexicar is characterized by offering the solution to your financial problems without asking for complicated bureaucratic procedures, paperwork or guarantees that only delay access to money that you need at that moment.

By already having more than 3,000 annual operations, Flexicar has become the leading company in the market.

In Flexicar they pay you up to 80% of the appraisal of the value of your car, they give you the money on the spot and you choose the terms and capital to pay this loan, in addition to allowing you to continue keeping your car.

Flexicar is a company that already has more than 6 years of experience in the market, carries out thousands of operations and its prestige is such that it is advertised by various Spanish media, such as Televisión Española, Telemadrid or Comando Actualidad.

In the event that you find yourself on any of those dreaded delinquent lists, such as Credit Checker, Cirbe, Rai or Experian , that will not be a problem, since Flexicar takes your vehicle as the best possible guarantee , so it does not take into count those credit ratings to provide you with the financial service you need so much.

What types of loans does Flexicar handle?

Basically, through the flexicar method, you will be able to modify or establish the type of loan you want to acquire, this depending on the terms and capitals that best suit your payment capacity and financial solvency. In short, you have the benefit of creating your own strategy and payment plan with a transparency that will give you confidence and security throughout the entire commitment process.

What requirements do you ask for a credit or loan with Flexicar?

It is actually very simple, you only have to comply with the following documents and characteristics:

  • The documentation that proves the ownership of the vehicle to be pawned.
  • A technical sheet with valid ITV.
  • You need to have your driving license.
  • Have your due road tax already paid.
  • That your car is after 2007, or failing that, that it belongs to a high-end range.

As you can see, all these requirements are very simple and straightforward, since they actually correspond to the characteristics that anyone who has the papers and affairs of their car in order must have.

What are the interest rates managed with Flexicar?

On this question, Flexicar offers you two alternatives. One of them is that when you obtain your loan, you leave your car as collateral in one of the Flexicar dealerships, where it remains immobile and very well guarded to preserve it in its optimal conditions until you can make the return of the agreed amount.

The other option they offer you is that you can continue to keep your vehicle so that you can continue driving it in exchange for a fee for the transfer of use. This consists of paying approximately 8% of the monthly loan, so if someone has received about 1000 US dollars for their car, then to continue driving it, they will have to give a fee of about 80 US dollars per month, a method that they can choose. the client until the moment in which he wishes to make the return of the capital to recover his vehicle.

How can I request the pawn of my car with Flexicar?

When you want to resort to pawning your car with Flexicar , you will not have great complications in this regard. You only have to fill out a simple form from the comfort of your computer so that they can know the characteristics of your car and thus know if it fits within the standards and parameters that the company handles. Similarly, they must make sure that you have all the documentation for your vehicle in order. After this, the appraisal of your car will be carried out to define the amount of the loan.

Once these details have been reviewed, the type of contract will be drawn up and signed, the content of which will depend on the purchase price, the monthly installments and terms that you have agreed upon, among other details that will help you create your own payment strategy.

Once these simple general steps have been completed, you will be receiving your money in a record time of less than 24 hours.

How to repay Flexicar personal loans?

To make the payment of your loans, you will be able to agree on the terms and amounts to be paid that best suit you, so there are various payment conditions that vary and are established according to the modality agreed with your Flexicar agent. It should be noted in this regard that the policies that Flexicar offers you in the payment conditions, seek to be the most flexible in the market.

Flexicar customer support

For any questions or clarifications that you have to handle with the company, you have a wide range of options available to contact them. For example, you can go for a more personal treatment to any of its available branches, whose location you can find on the company's page: .

Likewise, if you want to take the entire process from the comfort of your home, you can also call their customer service center, whose phone numbers are with the location of the branches. In the same way, you can establish contact using a WhatsApp number 673 85 21 12, or ultimately, leave a message on the website.

As you can see, there are many ways to receive the best possible care that Flexicar has at your service, so if you are a very busy person, you can always find a way to contact them in the shortest possible time.

Extensions and postponements

One of the biggest obstacles stopping the trust of users to access microloans , lies primarily in the general fear of not being able to meet the payment dates and conditions that are established.

However, in the case of Flexicar, this situation does not have to be a major impediment, since its flexibility policies are made precisely with the constant commitments that Spanish citizens have to meet in their daily lives.

Therefore, in the event of any delay, Flexicar always gives you the option of renegotiating the loan and even extending it, a benefit that is possible thanks to the fact that the company, thinking of the greater comfort and satisfaction of customers, assigns you from The principle is an agent who handles all your affairs with the service provided, so you can always address with this person any questions or concerns that may arise, around the characteristics or vicissitudes, that may occur with the commitment of your car and the agreed payments.

Opinions about Flexicar

Fabiola G.- With Flexicar, I have been able to use the value of my car to start a small business that I had in mind for a long time, but I always lacked capital to invest. Flexicar's facilities allow me to obtain that amount and pay it in a comfortable term that will not affect my general economy.

Mario B.- Thanks to the Flexicar service, I have been able to pay several payments that were already a headache, and the best of all is that I still have my car, so at no time do I have the feeling that I have made an effort .

Laura R.- Now that I had the opportunity to approach Flexicar, I obtained an excellent instrument to achieve the liquidity that the banks had denied me for being in Credit Checker. I am very happy with this service.


It is a fact that today there are numerous financing methods that were previously only available to wealthy people with very good credit history. Today that is no longer a problem, and Flexicar is one of the best proofs of the high growth that mini-credit institutions are achieving, as this is a faithful reflection of the economic capacities of the Spanish population and the good results that companies that know how to respond to new market conditions are getting.

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