- Maximum appraisal and with low interests

Loans for your car are some of the most effective and simple way to get quick money for what you need. Either an unforeseen expense that arrived at the wrong time, to make an important payment for which you do not have enough money, or simply to be able to make ends meet without problems.

For this you have at your disposal a large number of companies that are dedicated to providing loans for the different needs of their clients. It is always possible to find a good loan that fits your specific case, the one in which you get what you need, without the pressure and going into debt and having a hard time paying inflated commissions and interest.

All you have to do is find the right loan for you, and to get there, the first step is to research the different offers on the market.

On this occasion we will present , in this way you will be able to achieve an objective criterion of what this company offers you and you will be able to choose if it really suits you or if it does not fully adapt to your financing needs.

What is offers its clients the opportunity to pawn their vehicles, and in this way obtain their loans to finance what they need. The loans granted in this company are made in a period of less than 24 hours, so you can guarantee the speed in the loan application. One of the main advantages is that they offer you the great advantage of choosing between whether you want to continue driving the vehicle or if you prefer to leave it at the premises of the pawned place.

Loan for your car is one of the fastest growing companies in the loan sector in the last year. They have a headquarters large enough to house all types of vehicles that can be pawned in this type of loan offered by the company, you can pawn from cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and any other type of vehicle. Loans in Loan for your car are a very effective solution to obtain a loan quickly and effectively, without carrying out strenuous paperwork or long delays.

Advantages of choosing

The advantages offered by Loan for your car can be described using the following 5 main points:

  • Quick loan: you can get your loan in less than 5 hours by pawning your car, a very important advantage when looking for an emergency loan.
  • Pawn your car
  • Use your car as collateral: your cuche works essentially as collateral, which allows you to get a loan without the need for so many questions, paperwork, and it does not matter if you are on Credit Checker or RAI lists.
  • Get the money you need: A main advantage is that you can clearly get the money you need, all quickly without questions or questioning.
  • Keep driving: You are allowed to choose the probability that you can continue driving your car while it is as collateral for the loan.

The main features of

The essential characteristics of this type of loan allow the clients of this company to obtain a fast financing and without so many questions.

A simple and fast way to get the money you need for an emergency or unforeseen situation where you need quick money.

Some characteristics that are considered essential are the following:

  • Fast loan: the term to obtain the response of your loan is 24 hours, thanks to this, clients can obtain a fast loan and without extensive procedures that waste time.
  • Car as collateral: In this type of loan, one of the main attractions in its characteristics is being able to use a vehicle as collateral. It is a guarantee that the company obtains so that it can get the money back in any case that may happen, and it also works as a method to obtain quick financing without having to be questioned with questions that endorse you as a client. Simply pawn your car, and even with the possibility that you can continue driving it, it is a very attractive offer for those who seek to be financially supported quickly and easily.
  • Maximum appraisal: you can get the loan with the amount you deserve depending on the type of vehicle you want to pawn, you can trust that you will receive a correct and proportional offer.

Types of loans offered by

In they only have one type of loan, the only one as the name of the company says. However, the nature of the type of loan allows the availability of different options within the same type of loan, such as the amount, the repayment period, the possibility of continuing to drive your car or leave it committed to the company. requirements

In order for you to be granted a loan for your car in this company, as in many other companies of the same type, it is necessary to leave specific documentation necessary to make the loan valid and that it is possible that they will grant it to you. These requirements and documentation are the obligation, more than obvious, that the car is your property, so it is necessary that you accredit vehicle ownership with documents. You need to carry common personal identification documents in all banks and also your driving license.

All of the above, as well as some other minimum necessary procedures, must be exposed by the executives of the company. Once they are reviewed and validated by the competent authorities, you will be granted an offer for your vehicle. interest rates

The commissions and interests that comprise the Loan for your car are firstly a commission of a non-variable amount of € 100 for the management procedures, and the interest percentages for the loan comprise between 10% to 15% of APR

The company adapts to the term that the client wishes to repay the loan, although it has a minimum and maximum term, of course. And in each of this term you can find a considerable difference in the total interest that must be paid at the end of the loan.

How to apply for loans

To start with the loan application for your car you can fill out a form available on the official website , only with some very basic initial personal information. Or you can also contact the contact number that appears on the page. Once this is done, you will be informed of the steps to follow to get the loan you need, according to your specific case and the vehicle you are willing to pawn.

How to pay back Loan loans for your car

The repayment terms established in are in amortization periods of between 80 days as a minimum, to two years as a maximum. The company is in charge of adapting to the clients in this matter, for which they offer quantities and personalized conditions for each client, as long as they adjust to the previous conditions.

You will be provided with all the necessary information directly by the Loan executives for your car, in this way you will know the methods to return the loan you have requested from the company. However, you can find the usual loan repayment methods in any type of bank loan or financing.

Customer service of

Customer service in Loan for your car can be obtained by contacting you by email or by calling the numbers that appear on the official website of

An executive will contact you to resolve any of the doubts that arise in a matter of your car loan services.

  • Call the Madrid headquarters: 91 005 24 64
  • Call the Barcelona headquarters: 93 189 56 46

Extensions and postponements

To get more reliable information about the extensions and deferral of the loans offered by this company, the best thing to do is go directly to a contact of the company who can inform you about all these types of loan conditions.

Sometimes they tend to change over time so it is most acceptable to get the most up-to-date information. Contact the available phones and once an executive takes care of you, you can clarify all your doubts about these topics.

Opinions about

Ana M.- You can get the loan you urgently need quickly on a loan for your car, however, a very persistent opinion with this type of loan that is made with such urgency is the amount of interest and commissions that are usually charged.

Miguel C.- Since it is an urgent loan, the company can take the liberty of charging a lot for the opening commission, as it is in this case, in addition to the fact that the interest rate can be high, compared to other types of loan.

Encarnación H.- You have to take into account the nature of the loan, the benefits and advantages offered by being able to get a loan quickly and easily without carrying out paperwork or paperwork.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a fast and paperless loan, Loan for your car may be a good option. It has the characteristics that make it a site where you can obtain a loan without much difficulty and advantages such as having the possibility of continuing to drive your vehicle while it is as collateral on the loan, and that it does not matter if you are in Credit Checker o RAI, your loan will be granted as long as all your papers and personal and vehicle documents are in order.

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