Gedescoche - Money for your car and keep driving

With Gedescoche get the loan you have been looking for all this time, discover the opportunity they offer you to pawn your car , get money and continue driving it, do not wait any longer to meet all your goals, pay all those overdue bills or simply solve any financial problem efficiently, discreetly and quickly. If you are tired of banks making it difficult for you, asking for guarantees and other very complicated requirements, now everything is easier with Gedescoche and its simple loans for your car.

What is Gedescoche?

Gedescoche is a financial tool with which you can acquire money for your car without getting rid of it. In just 24 hours, contact us, provide general information about your car and you will get an assessment by Gedesco experts who will know how to inform you of the current and fair appraisal for your car so that both parties are satisfied, with Gedescoche you can forget about the tired banking demands , since you don't even need to bring your payroll to prove income.

We trust that you will return the money within the term established when you speak with any of our advisers, making it very accessible depending on your needs and requirements, it is about making a loan to suit you and solving the financial obstacles that have been interposed between you and success, do not think any more about achieving it with the help of Gedescoche.

Advantages of choosing Gedescoche

Gedescoche has great advantages compared to the rest, there are so many that it was difficult to summarize them, but the main ones are:

  • HIGH VALUATION OF YOUR VEHICLE , based on the GANVAM book, we value your car, also taking into account the criteria of our experts in the field. In just 24 hours, without delays or inconveniences, you get answers.
  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT QUALITY SERVICE , our advisors are highly qualified in customer service, interpersonal intelligence and specific communication and verbal logistics courses to help you with whatever you need without delay.
  • IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HAVE DEBTS , the Credit Checker record is not checked, or delinquencies are verified in other places, we trust that you will have the solvency to return the money.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED GUARANTEES , Your car is worth by itself, there is no need for other people to find out about this situation, we know that it is a delicate issue so we have total discretion
  • POINTS OF SALE DISTRIBUTED THROUGHOUT SPAIN , visit the one that is closest to you, locate them on the map of the GEDESCOCHE website.
  • NOTARIAL SECURITY IN CONTRACTS, Everything is signed in the presence of a notary who certifies that the operation has been successful and legal.
  • WITHOUT BACKGROUND JUSTIFICATIONS, SPEND ON WHATEVER, WHENEVER , we don't ask you for any kind of proof or invoices for what you borrow, it's your money as soon as it leaves us.
  • RECOVERY OF VEHICLE OWNERSHIP AT THE END OF PAYMENT , if you want to pay earlier, there is no problem, you just need to pay the remaining amount and the car will belong to you again in all possible legal ways.

Gedescoche main features

What mainly characterizes Gedescoche is its human quality with the client, the efficiency of our servers, as well as the speed of its service, since we know how important it can be to obtain money quickly and without complications, it is where Gedescoche is strives to improve to be more effective and give more performance to its customers, where the Credit Checker does not matter, nor do you need guarantees, we value your vehicle as it should be, without demeriting it, there are points of sale throughout the country so finding us will not be If you have a problem, contact us to tell you which is the closest point to your home and to tell you how we can help you, how easy it is to receive the money and return it, with the best valuation and interest rate.

You just have to make the decision to call, soon you will be convinced that you can get a lot of performance for your car, without stopping driving it, do not get rid of it and acquire a loan with Gedescoche, to preserve and materialize your car and your dreams.

You will be able to invest the money in what you need, there is no need to justify the expenses in some type of specific purchase and when you can, you have the opportunity to cancel the entire loan without extra charges to recover the ownership of your vehicle instantly.

Types of loans offered by Gedescoche

Get a loan for your car with less than 10 years old, pay it in up to 2 years with an interest rate of the lowest adapting to your economic possibilities.

Gedescoche offers the loan for your car without getting rid of it, which, due to its excellent valuation and appraisal, is the best choice in the sector, get a loan with Gedescoche and rediscover what it means to live well.

Credit requirements given by Gedescoche

The requirements to acquire the loan are very simple, we do not need almost anything, contact us and find out how easy it is to obtain a personal loan with GEDESCOCHE:

  • The car must not have any reservation of title.
  • You must be from the Peninsula or the Balearic Islands.
  • Your car must be less than 10 years old
  • The vehicle must be in the name of the applicant.
  • The vehicle must be insured.

Gedescoche interest rates

The additional advantage that Gedescoche has is the ease to settle the operation, since all you need is to return the same amount you received, without commissions or interest, so that it will be yours again shortly.

How to apply for a loan at Gedescoche

To apply for a loan, all you need is to follow these simple steps and the money will be in your account before you know it:

  • Get in touch by phone or via the web with any of their advisors, who will quickly resolve your doubts and offer you the best option for your needs.
  • Provide documentation and vehicle data such as make, model, year, mileage and other general aspects for a viable evaluation
  • Quick recovery of the vehicle
  • Contract signing before a notary with the highest possible legality
  • Deposit of money in 24 hours
  • You continue to drive your vehicle without any problem.

How to repay Gedescoche loans

Repaying loans with Gedescoche is the simplest, all you need is to agree with their agents the appropriate amount of money you need, as well as the term in which it can be lent you, it can be from 80 days to 12 months, the The opportunity is yours, take advantage of it with Gedescoche and his excellent personal loan.

The interest is fixed depending on your particular case, but it is the lowest you can find!

Return it in up to 1 year with Gedescoche, you will have the facility to defer it to monthly payments that will depend on your timely payment to see if an extension is granted.

Gedescoche customer service

You can find us at the offices of Av. Del Puerto 21 46021 Valencia Spain

Or to the number 900 906 690 where they will be willing to answer your call immediately, with the best attention, security and confidence, always with Gedescoche

If you want to send an email, you will also be informed about everything at

Extensions and Postponements in Gedescoche

To acquire a postponement, you must call 900 906 690 to negotiate the best option that suits you, increasing the interest can extend the established terms, as long as you have not failed to cancel your payments or have left more than 60 days without pay.

Opinions about Gedescoche services

María Solares: Since I pawned my car with Gedescoche I was able to start my own business, without having to go into debt with high-interest loans, I pawned my car without stopping using it, it is my work tool, so it pays itself, a success sign with Gedescoche.

Julio Del Prado: A great experience, I had a lot of time to pay and now I am thinking of pawning it again with Gedescoche since I want to start a restaurant, without problems I will have the possibility to pay it while I use my truck.

Sofía Bosque: A great service, the advisers were very effective, friendly and accurate in what I needed, now with the comfortable deadline they gave me, I will be able to pay all my past due bills without having to get rid of my belongings.

Lidia Hernández: Highly recommended for all those who need money quickly, with low interest and without parting with your assets, I have almost finished paying my loan and I have never had complications, I was able to pay the overdue bills of my gift shop and I was able to restock many products, thanks to Gedescoche.

In conclusion

It is the best option without discussion, due to its effective and well-evaluated service, there is no better financial, it is the simplest, just provide the make and model of your car and in a few hours you will get the money you need without difficult commitments to acquire it , you can say goodbye to banking demands and you don't even need to prove your payroll, with being the owner and having the motivation for your vehicle to generate capital instead of spending it, with Gedescoche the most important thing is you, and your satisfaction at the end of the loan , since solving your financial problems is their priority and helping you will never be difficult just contact them at 900 906 690 and discover what Gedescoche has waiting for you.

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