Supre Grupo Credits and Loans

Supre Grupo has been opening a gap in the online financial market for just over 10 years with its way of carrying out loans online .

It is important to get the best conditions and terms for us and our plans, and that is where Supre Grupo comes in .

This platform tries that we can obtain a credit with great guarantees in order to obtain a property of the type and purpose that is. Then you'll be finding different advantages and features of this platform to help you have a global idea and make a decision.

What is Supre Grupo

Supre Grupo is a company, with a quite comfortable virtual platform , that has a great specialization in loans that are born with a mortgage guarantee . All the people who are part of the Supre Grupo workforce have long and extensive experience in the financial market.

This experience ensures that our operations and applications are backed by the great experience of this company in order to carry out a study and the approval of our loans with a guarantee of a property.

What makes Supre Grupo different from other online financial entities

Not all platforms offer us the same guarantees in order to approve a loan. Within Supre Grupo we can find all these guarantees and, in addition, for loans of large amounts of money.

What makes Supre Grupo different from the rest of the platforms for online loans or credits is the ease with which we can make the request, accompanied by the acceptance of Credit Checker and the different purposes for which we can use them.

Advantages of choosing Supre Grupo

A virtual platform for loans of large amounts of money such as Supre Grupo, has great advantages and benefits for all those people who decide to apply for one of their loans. The advantages that we can take advantage of the most as clients are the following:

  • As they are loans with mortgage guarantee , a study of our property is carried out for free, the one that we want to use as collateral for our loan on this platform.
  • Although it is a virtual platform, all documents and signatures are made in front of a notary. This is one of the guarantees that Supre Grupo provides so that its clients feel safe at all times.
  • Also within the advantages is the response to our request in the first 24 hours from the moment the correctly completed request arrives.
  • It is also important to know that for those responsible for this Supre Grupo platform, that we are in the Credit Checker registry is not a problem for our application to be studied and approved.
  • The appraisal that is made to the home or property that we want to use as collateral for our home equity loan is also done free of charge, just having to wait for the result of it.
  • Each loan that is requested from those in charge of Supre Grupo has a totally individualized study since not all clients need the same type of loan, of the same amount or time to repay it, etc.
  • We can request between 5,000 and 300,000 US dollars for a return between 6 months and 30 years with fixed interest.

The main characteristics of Supre Grupo

Following the same line, Supre Grupo stands out from the rest of virtual loan platforms thanks to its ideals and way of doing things. Among its main characteristics we can highlight the following:

  • As a primary objective of the company Supre Grupo, it seeks satisfaction and to become a helpful tool for all its clients.
  • Its entire financing process is guaranteed with great security and transparency measures, which allows clients to feel completely safe from the first contact through the application until the signing of the loan contract before the Notary.
  • Centro de Supre Grupo we will find a solution or measure thought and created for us and our economic situation; Those responsible for this platform try to help their clients find the best solution in an individualized way.
  • Each of the economic situations of the different clients who opt to request a loan within this company is treated as unique and special in order to obtain the best conditions and proposals in order not to repeat patterns with all clients.

Is it safe to ask for a loan in Supre Grupo?

Supre Grupo is very concerned about the security of our data as well as everything related to the appraisal process and signing the contract of our future loan.

It is for this reason that it has great reviews of its security, both on the Internet and on a physical level, so that all its clients feel great security working with them.

Supre Grupo requirements when requesting a loan

The requirements that are demanded from the group of managers of Supre Grupo are very simple and easy to fulfill. Now, we have to be clear that without these requirements our application will be automatically denied.

The requirements that we must meet both at the time of making the request and throughout the process are the following:

  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time we make the request.
  • We must have an identity document, either DNI or NIE, fully in force and that responds to all the personal data that we will indicate in the request for our loan with Supre Grupo.
  • As they are Loans with a mortgage guarantee , we must be able to demonstrate the ownership of a property that does not have any type of burden: Mortgages, other types of loans with mortgage guarantee, rent, etc.
  • Be holders of a bank account within which the payment of the loan installments can be made.

Supre Grupo interest rates in relation to the loans offered by this entity

Seeking the greatest comfort and transparency for the approval of a mortgage loan for its clients, Supre Grupo works with a rate and interest rates that have an immovable maximum and minimum .

Regarding interest, the interest rate is impacted at the time of making the contract and is the same throughout the duration of the loan repayment. These interests range from 2% to a maximum of 18% annually.

To this we must also add the APR, which is usually between 3.9% and a maximum of 20%.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in Supre Grupo

For those in charge of Supre Grupo it is not important that we are registered in the Credit Checker lists . As it is a loan with a mortgage guarantee , our economic situation is taken into account but it also has a lot of weight, in terms of the amount of money that we can ask for and the interest, the type of property that we use as collateral.

Supre Grupo mobile application and customer service

The Supre Grupo platform does not have, at the moment, a mobile application from which we can manage or make changes or monitor our fees. This does not imply that we cannot contact the heads of Supre Grupo through their communication channels.

We can use your non-toll-free telephone number to solve our doubts or problems: 938 027 701. In turn, we can send an email to your Customer Service Department to communicate with those responsible and solve any type of problem: Info @ supregrupo .com

Types of Supre Group loans

As we have been commenting, Supre Grupo has its loans established within five large groups to which we can have access depending on the purpose for which we request this loan with mortgage guarantee .

These five groups are as follows:

  • Loans for the acceptance of an inheritance: We can request between 5,000 and € 300,000 to be able to carry out this acceptance of an inheritance.
  • Loans to reform any type of property: It is a perfect solution and we need to reform with some speed, being able to request up to € 300,000.
  • Loans to hold a debt action meeting: We can group all those loans, whatever type they are, within the same loan with a fixed monthly fee.
  • Apply for a loan if we are at Credit Checker: We have the possibility of obtaining a loan thanks to Supre Grupo as long as we comply with the mortgage guarantee conditions.
  • Business loans: Either because we need liquidity or because we want to expand our company, Supre Grupo will help us with your business loans .

How to apply for Supre Grupo credits and loans

The process that we must follow in order to apply for a home equity loan within Supre Grupo is quite simple and we only have to follow the following steps:

  1. We can directly access the request for a loan within Supre Grupo at the following link:
  2. Once inside the application, we have to follow all the steps without skipping any so that the application can be processed correctly.
  3. These steps range from choosing the type of loan, the amount we need and what type of client we are, to the indication of all our personal and financial data to be able to carry out a study and approval of the loan accordingly.
  4. As soon as we finish filling out the loan application, we will not have to send it and it will be those responsible for Supre Grupo who will be in charge of giving us an answer within the next 24 hours.
  5. Finally, once our application is pre-approved, we will have to carry out the appraisal of the property that we will use as collateral as well as the signing of the contract in order to have the money.

How to return Supre Grupo credits

Among all the data that we indicate in our application for a loan within the Supre Group, is the disposition of our bank account of which we have to be the owners. To return our loan, all we have to do is have the money corresponding to each monthly installment in said bank account.

The people in charge of Supre Grupo will be in charge of making the payment directly from our bank account. This charge will be made on a monthly basis for the duration of the repayment of said loan.

Extensions and postponements in Supre Grupo

If we find ourselves in a situation in which we need to delay or postpone the payment of a monthly fee, we must contact the people in charge of Supre Grupo in order to negotiate the interests and clauses of our contract.

If not, and simply not paying a monthly fee without notifying it, we may face the loss of the property that we have used as mortgage guarantee as well as the assets in our name, present and future, until we meet the total owed.

Opinions about Supre Grupo

Sandra Muñoz - It is very complicated. I want a loan being within Credit Checker, so it is a great advantage to be able to do it within Supre Grupo.

Pablo León - Not having to worry about anything but paying the monthly fees, which are always the same, is a peace of mind that I have only found in Supre Grupo.

Carlos Jiménez - Being aware of all the interest that you will have to pay from the beginning is something that makes it very easy for you to choose whether you want a loan or not, something that those in charge of Supre Grupo are always pending .

In conclusion

Supre Grupo has been expanding its way of understanding the economy and loans thanks to its security and transparency with each and every one of its clients.

Being aware of the interests, that they are fixed throughout the time that the loan is repaid, as well as being able to qualify for large amounts of money, are pillars that have made this company a benchmark for home equity loans.

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