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Sofkredit is a company based in Barcelona that is dedicated to the acquisition of financial loans with endorsement , having the ability to make the solution of economic situations and complications viable.

An unexpected emergency expense, the need to start a project; It could be another cause ... but there are infinities of circumstances where money is needed, and the reality is that in many cases it is a considerable amount.

Resorting to loans can become unavoidable, getting worse if the time available is restricted.

The requirements and periods of management by the banks are usually incompatible with the reality of the moment we face, something that must be assumed as an element to be valued, being one of the variables that most affect the procedures of this type.

To solve and get out of realities like this, do it in a practical way and as smart as possible, it is necessary to be informed of the options and variants to which to go, managing to obtain some type of financing possibility that really suits us in the particular context that we meet, ensuring that it is safe and reliable.

Getting a mortgage loan using an online platform is an excellent option. Softkredit is one of the existing alternatives considered safe and reliable.

Through this company it is possible to obtain a loan with specific percentage values ​​to the value of a home, which can be requested quickly and easily, with specific advice in each case.

What is Sofkredit?

Sofkredit professionally facilitates the search for those who need a home loan . The reality is that the supply of loans in the present is very wide. Online portals, banks, financial; there is a fairly extensive variety of options.

To decide which will be the appropriate institution from whom to request these services, it will be necessary to evaluate various aspects, making it more complicated if the loan is a mortgage, as they usually request a guarantee.

Softkredit, as a comparator company for mortgage-type loans, will act as an intermediary between the interested parties and the companies that offer loans of this type.

That is, this is not the company that will be offering the financing, it will only evaluate the particular needs of a client, credit profile, etc., to later locate and contact the interested party with the most convenient alternatives in order to obtain the loan that is plan to purchase.

Advantages of choosing Sofkredit loans

The advantages of using Sofkredit services are varied.

Considering how complicated it could be to make the decision to apply for a home equity loan, there are so many options in the market, and taking into account the risks that are assumed if a bad decision is made, use the specialized services of this company gives exclusive facilities.

Sofkredit will be carefully analyzing the applicant's profile and will search an extensive database of options for the financial products that are most consistently adapted to what its client is looking for.

The interested party in this way will save money and time by making a choice of the most appropriate home equity loan.

The appearance of the applicant on the list of defaulters will not be taken into account.

The loans to be obtained could be high, if it is analyzed that a large number of lenders offer relatively small loans.

In Sofkredit there is the possibility of obtaining large loans with an equivalence of up to 60% of the value of the property that will be used as collateral.

The company typically responds to customers within approximately 48 hours.

Sofkredit main features

It is a company where the process is fast, counting on the advice of professionals and managing to get a loan in a short time.

They have a flexible projection, allowing their clients to access credit even under not very favorable conditions to achieve it.

There will be no compromises, the user being the one who will make the final decision and what suits him best in his opinion.

As we have already pointed out, Sofkredit is a company that compares financial loans with a mortgage guarantee, this concept being different from what a mortgage loan would be. The purpose for which you try to acquire the loan is the main difference between these two variants.

The defined "mortgage loan" is aimed at acquiring a home, the money never reaching the hands of the person applying for the loan. In the case of a "home equity loan", this will pursue various purposes such as personal or other projects, always being mandatory to have a property as collateral.

In summary we list some points related to peculiarities of the Sofkredit service:

  • In the first loan, 60% of the total value of the home will be available.
  • No credit will be free and without interest, even the first.
  • The answer to a Sofkredit request will be given in a few days, approximately 48 hours, and the time in which the money will be available will depend on the company in question that is chosen.
  • The possibility of debt reunification will be provided, with negotiable monthly installments depending on the mortgage that is owned and the particular economic situation.
  • Sofkredit will always request a guarantee that could be a property or a vehicle.
  • If it is included in Credit Checker or another list of defaulters, the request will not be denied to the interested party.
  • It will be possible to request a loan from Sofkredit whether it is a self-employed applicant, unemployed person, pensioner or a company.
  • Sofkredit does not specify if there is a maximum age to request a loan, the minimum age being 18 years.
  • It will be necessary to provide as collateral a property that has little outstanding capital or that is free of encumbrances.
  • Depending on the company used, it will be possible or not to cancel the credit in advance.
  • Sofkredit does not specify if the cancellation will imply any type of expense or savings in the general cost of the loan.
  • There will be a possibility of extension.
  • The expenses and costs of extending the credit will depend on the chosen company.

Types of loans and credits offered by Sofkredit

Sofkredit offers loans of type with mortgage guarantee

They will be granted by private lenders , for whom a property will be offered that does not have any economic burden or with little burden, serving this as a guarantee of the loan in question, being the guarantee that the money offered will be returned.

This is a type of loan characterized by being very flexible, being possible to request large amounts with long repayment terms, accessing these even if the applicant's name appears on delinquent lists.

Nor will it be necessary to verify the applicant's income or explain justifying the purpose of the acquisition of the sum of money.

It will be necessary to have a home owned, with the ability to continue enjoying it without having problems in this regard, as long as the loans continue to be paid.

In case of stopping payments, there is the possibility of losing the property.

Sofkredit will be managing credits for a minimum value of € 10,000 and a maximum of € 300,000. The value of the credit granted is conditioned by that of the guarantee. Thus, the maximum to be obtained will be 60% of the appraised value of the property or vehicle.

The repayment periods of these types of credit will be long, allowing the installment to be more affordable.

One option for the client is to request a loan of this type to cancel outstanding debts and combine all their payments in a single installment.

Requirements for granting Sofkredit credits

Sofkredit will be managing the granting of a loan under a series of specific requirements.

  • You will have to be of legal age and holder of a bank account, have a property or vehicle without charges or with very low charges.
  • In the event that a property is presented as collateral, this may be a house, apartment, store, commercial premises, land, etc. If, on the other hand, it is a vehicle that is chosen to present as collateral, this could be a car, boat, truck or aircraft.
  • It will not be essential to prove financial income, although it is a factor that is logically taken into account.
  • It will be necessary to present the DNI and the deeds of the property or vehicle that will be provided as a guarantee, as well as the documentation of the existence of a bank account.

Interest rates offered by Sofkredit

Sofkredit will be comparing the various home equity loan options available to financial institutions, and will do so for each individual applicant; in this way the interest rates will become varied depending on the particular situation of each applicant.

The financial situation will be checked and analyzed based on the data presented in a questionnaire that will have to be answered for this purpose, allowing access to loans with a mortgage guarantee, with the most appropriate rates and lowest interest rates as appropriate to the situation. punctual to be analyzed.

Financial entities in cases like these assume a much higher risk, with higher interest rates.

Sofkredit will allow the options available in the market to be compared, making it easier to find those with interest rates that are the most adjusted to the applicant's payment possibilities.

It will then be possible to find options with very different interests, Sofkredit analyzing the financial situation of the interested party, and offering the option that brings the most benefits.

How to apply for Sofkredit Online credits and loans

Applying for a loan at Sofkredit is a simple process, which can be done from home or elsewhere.

If you have an internet connection and the requirements are met, it won't take long to complete the application.

You have to fill out the online questionnaire on the Sofkredit page, which will only take minutes. Data such as the requested amount and reason, economic situation of the interested party, real estate guarantee, other possible guarantees and personal data will have to be provided.

Correctly answering this questionnaire is essential for Sofkredit to be able to analyze the particular situation of the applicant and to find the best mortgage loan option.

When the company has analyzed the case of the interested party, they will contact those financial institutions that offer the most advantageous products for this.

Subsequently, the person will have to choose the acquisition of the mortgage loan from the entity in question that he considers most beneficial.

In a relatively short time, the money will be available to the applicant.

How to pay back Sofkredit loans

Considering Sofkredit is a company designed and projected to provide advice when choosing the best financial institution to obtain mortgage loans, the options for returning the payment will be different and will have a lot to do with the option that the client chooses .

The terms, payment methods and interest rates will vary depending on each situation and election.

Sofkredit customer support

Once the management process with Sofkredit begins, they will be receiving advice from professionals specialized in the matter to clarify all existing doubts and that the client is able to choose the most convenient option for him.

Extensions and postponements offered by Sofkredit

In the same way as in the payment methods and interest rates, the deferrals and extensions will depend on the particular financial institution chosen.

In almost all cases, it will be possible to request an extension, as well as to determine a different payment scheme under certain circumstances, which would force the loan to be repaid in a different way than planned.

In cases where it is required, the conduct to be followed by the client is to communicate with the financial institution that is providing the service, and from there the necessary guidance and advice will be received.

Opinions about Sofkredit loans and credits

Anabel García: SofKredit has a wide range of loans and I consider that their requirements are flexible and available to anyone. It is a good financial company.

Sandie Fernández: I recommend this company because they made it easier for me to cover medical expenses by granting me a loan by putting my vehicle as collateral

Antonio Monroy: My experience is positive with this company, I applied for a mortgage loan with my home guarantee and everything is going well.

In conclusion

Sofkredit is a company that advises and manages loans with a mortgage guarantee .

They offer a free service that will save the search by different banks or financial institutions for a product that suits specific situations, thus avoiding the delivery of documentation, interviews and other steps that are common and cumbersome in procedures of this type.

Obtaining a loan with a mortgage guarantee can be the way out of various financial crises, or a very well thought out way to carry out a business or other project.

Managing a loan through Sofkredit is quick and easy, and by being continuously advised by the experts of your work team, you can handle clear information to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of existing products on the market, something that A particular way and without specialized knowledge would be very difficult to achieve.

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