PidetuCrédito - No Matter Home Equity Loans RAI, Credit Checker is a company of experts in customized personal loans , it belongs to the Silex Gestión group, and its headquarters are in Mataró, Barcelona.

PidetuCrédito is subscribed to the Spanish Consumer Agency, which guarantees the consumer the highest security, this company asks as the only and primary requirement to have a property free of charges as a guarantee, it has agile, fast processes and is focused 100% on satisfaction of your customers.

What makes PidetuCrédito different

Home equity loans are different from a mortgage, where you acquire a property with high interest rates, and going to this financial institution will avoid those fraudulent lenders, or traditional banks that are extremely slow and with very high interest rates.

This group of financiers is your opportunity to reunify your debts, or reform your home or business quickly and very safely with the sole fact and guarantee of owning a property.

Types of loans in PidetuCrédito

As I have told you, PidetuCrédito offers financing for various purposes

Home equity loans from € 6,000

In PidetuCrédito you can make your loan from € 6,000, if you have a property free of charges, go to PidetuCrédito and request advice, you will be given an answer in 24 hours, with the best solution and financing for your property. Whether you want to take a trip or to buy an air conditioner for your home, this type of credit is your best option.

Debt reunification

PidetuCrédito offers you the best solution to those terrible debts that fill your back with tension through a loan with home equity guarantee, the executives of PidetuCrédito find a solution to these cases, they will be in charge of giving you a single monthly payment, which will be much less than the sum of all the fees that would put you separately, sometimes the saving reaches 50%.

Acceptance of Inheritances

Sometimes the fact of inheriting brings long procedures, expenses and many taxes, in PidetuCrédito your case will be analyzed in detail, giving you as a solution to use the inherited properties to finance the cost of the operation, signing at the same time the acceptance of said inheritance, PidetuCrédito It will take care of 100% of the management of all inheritance procedures and will offer you the return model that best suits your personal situation.

Cancellation of liens

There are times when a person is unable to cope with debts, consequently, creditors take action against the personal assets of the debtor, and initiate a garnishment. PidetuCrédito executives will seek to safeguard your real estate, requesting a free study of the case, and without commitments.

Private equity loans

The loan that PidetuCrédito offers to companies has a lot of liquidity. What is really important from the point of view of their clients, executives who are experts in this model from the beginning will study your case as a company to see where your financial need lies and what is the safest option for your business. Similarly, for private capital debt reunification is offered, PidetuCrédito has the best interest rates for private capital.

Home renovation loans

Reforming your home is of the utmost importance, whether you are thinking of selling it, or simply carrying out your new projects, PidetuCrédito will advise you free of charge and without commitments to get the capital, with the lowest interest, so that your home acquires a highest value on the market. The fact of putting your home as a guarantee for PidetuCrédito is very serious, that is why its executives are prepared in the branch, and they will guide you throughout the process, having the main benefit of being able to continue living in your home.

Bridging loan

More and more frequently, the bridge loan can be an interesting operation for the liquidity of your case. This is getting you to quickly convert a part of the value of your home, and at the same time sell it at a price very close to the real one, without having to resort to expensive professional investors. Consisting of mortgaging the home, obtaining a kind of advance, which will be returned once sold, with enough time to do so at the best price.

Advantages of choosing PidetuCrédito

PidetuCrédito offers the best option in financing your properties. The quality of their advisors is first class, they have an answer to your case in 24 hours, and without any commitment. The liquidity and professionalism of its executives will help you to get out of those delinquent lists, or to undertake your projects, and start living without financial worries, they have comfortable deadlines, which fit your budget and need.

You do not need to be debt free, or change your financial institution, simply PidetuCrédito is the best option for you.

The main characteristics of PidetuCrédito

  • In PidetuCrédito any type of project is financed
  • You can reunify all your debts in a single and comfortable sum.
  • You only need to own a property or land free of charges.
  • The best solution for your case arrives in 24 hours and with the best quality.
  • Interest rates are among the lowest in the market.
  • Liquidity in the process of your loan.
  • The deadlines are tailored to your needs and needs, there is one that is right for you for any situation.
  • You do not need to link to anything, or change your bank payroll.
  • You can order from € 6,000 to € 100,000
  • PidetuCrédito carries out detailed studies to find the real value of your property.
  • The resulting interest on your credits will have many more benefits than any bank credit card.

It is safe to ask for a loan in PidetuCrédito

PidetuCrédito is a company that has more than 15 years in the financial sector, with the best analysts in charge of the economic situation of those who matter most to them, their clients.

In addition, this company is subscribed to the Spanish Consumer Agency, guaranteeing law 2/2009 of May 31, which is in charge of regulating the contracting with consumers of loans and / or mortgage loans and intermediation services.

The spokesperson for one of the best credit web pages informs that PidetuCrédito is one of the best entities to obtain capital either on a personal or business level, with the best advice and follow-up in any case.

Likewise, all credits are made through a contract that will clearly be explained to you by an executive, and without any prior commitment.

PidetuCrédito Requirements

It is necessary for PidetuCrédito that you have a local home in your name or name of the loan applicant. This must be free of charges or with little capital pending amortization in case it is mortgaged.

In addition, documentation must be provided that proves the source of income, and thus the executive will be able to assess whether the loan can be solved, in the case of private capital a study is carried out at no cost to learn more about it.

Once the form is completed, PidetuCrédito will respond to you if it has been approved or rejected within a maximum period of 24 hours. You do not need to make long lines at a bank or wait months for the study of your case, from the comfort of your home you can be advised.

PidetuCrédito interest rates

  • 0% commission for formalization.
  • TIN Maximum 16%
  • Minimum TIN of 8.95%
  • Maximum APR 17.89%
  • Minimum APR 11.55%.
  • Total amount to pay is equal to: Principal + interest
  • Term from 6 months to 10 years.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in PidetuCrédito

In PidetuCrédito there is no problem with you being on the list of defaulters, Credit Checker or RAI , on the contrary, you will be given the best financial advice to get out of this file, in the most convenient period and the best value for your property put under warranty. Immediately after obtaining your financing, what will continue will be to pay your debt and access bank financing to return the mortgage loan requested before.

Customer service PidetuCrédito

PidetuCrédito has a highly accessible website for any device that can connect to the internet. Accessible forms, and detailed information on the sites where you can contact their executives. Website in constant innovation to make your credit process as fast as possible, thus being able to contact you wherever you are.

The information in its mobile application, as in its website is being updated at the moment so that you can always have the correct advice. It also has a map where you can access their location, as well as a special form where you fill in your data, and they themselves contact you.

How to apply for PidetuCrédito credits

To apply for your loan with PidetuCrédito you need to complete a form from the comfort of your home, on their website, and the finance experts will analyze and carry out a detailed study of the case, free of charge and without any obligation. Already completed in a period of only 24 hours you will have the best solution and with the best benefits. It is necessary that you detail your case well, your trust in this company will give you better results.

How to return PidetuCrédito credits

The repayment terms in PidetuCrédito are from 6 months to 10 years, in PidetuCrédito the interests are fixed, and the signature before the notary ensures that these will be fulfilled in a timely manner, and in quantity. You can pay off your total debt at any time before the stipulated time.

Extensions and postponements

  • At first, within approximately 7 days, you may be signing the contract before a notary public so that at the same time you can have your capital available.
  • It is possible to extend the stipulated terms up to 10 years for your peace of mind and security.

Opinions about

Carmen P.- Since PidetuCrédito helped me with the reunification of my debts, I pay less and in a much simpler way. And most importantly, I come to the end of the month with the peace of mind of knowing that my financial situation is improving day by day.

Francisco G. - I got desperate every time the banks denied me a loan. Luckily, PidetuCrédito trusted me and granted me enough capital to start my business. Now I am my own boss, and I generate income for myself.

Carlos T. - At the time I was scared because I did not have enough capital to pay taxes on my inheritance, luckily PidetuCrédito helped me by lending me the necessary money and I was able to collect it with the greatest tranquility. Thank you!

Alberto G.- In PidetuCrédito they granted me the capital that I could not get in any bank, so I could reform my home, and now thanks to the executives of PidetuCrédito I enjoy my kitchen and comfortable bathrooms with my wife and everything is worth much more than before.

In conclusion

PidetuCrédito is itself one of the best financial companies in the Spanish market, its image before clients, its experience of more than 15 years, and the infinity of services it offers, make it the most complete financial institution for loans with mortgage guarantees.

Whether you are going through a difficult economic time, you are on the Credit Checker or RAI defaulter file, you want to collect an inheritance, or you have a project as an entrepreneur, PidetuCrédito is constantly innovating its Web portals to provide you with the best service, and So you can start to change the rhythm of your life, the executives are waiting for you to solve your doubts, without any commitment or initial payment.

The most important thing for PidetuCrédito is the safety and satisfaction of its clients.

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