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Suitaprest began operating in 2012, in Spain, where it continues to operate today, it offers loans to individuals as well as freelancers who need its services.

What is Suitaprest?

Suitaprest is a private equity financial company that is made up of the mortgage guarantee, thus leading the process with professional experts with extensive experience in commercial banking.

It is a company that is located physically and online in Spain, from where fast financial loans are granted that reach 300,000 US dollars with the only condition that the beneficiary has a property in his name .

Advantages to choose Suitaprest

Suitaprest has very considerable advantages of which you may be tempted to take it as one of the best options for entrepreneurs and businessmen, among the most important are:

The study is free:

Financial study that is carried out to approve and analyze the applications is completely free and is carried out by the experts in the field of Suitaprest.

All the requests that reach them are carefully analyzed, the study of the operation is completely free, so there is no type of commitment or payment in advance.


The aforementioned study is carried out in a period of 24 hours in order to deliver the money requested by the client within a maximum period of one week.

On the day of the request, a financial advisor will contact you to resolve any doubts and specify any point that is required so that within an estimated period of 2 to 3 days an appraiser can assess the property and begin with the documentation.


Suitaprest analyzes all the cases and requests that are made to them and tries to adapt to the needs that the client requires to make the service more efficient and serious for both parties.

This company has various terms and different capitals to lend to be able to customize each loan so that the client can finance any unforeseen personal or professional.

Less commissions:

Suitaprest is not an intermediary between financing companies and the client, which avoids fewer commissions, this, because Suitaprest has its own funds with which it grants personal loans.

The main features of Suitaprest

Compared to other companies that provide capital online, Suitaprest has very unique characteristics that differentiate it from the rest due to the following:

  • Accredited professionals: Suitaprest has experts who have degrees in economics, law and business administration, in order to provide a professional service with the best solutions in the market.
  • All legal guarantees: This company is governed by the laws necessary to make its service more transparent and truthful. It has the approval of the bank of Spain and also all mortgage loans are made under the signature of a notary present.
  • Loans for everyone: Suitaprest offers loans for any type of need, whether financial or unforeseen personal or professional in default. In addition, Suitaprest provides loans to people who have already been labeled as delinquent.
  • Free and without advance payments: Compared to other companies, Suitaprest analyzes all requests through its experts at no additional cost and without committing the client to accept the service.

Types of loans offered by Suitaprest

Suitaprest does not have a standard loan established for its clients, here all loans range from € 5,000 to € 300,000 , offering a period of term to the client from 6 months to 6 years , this to be able to adapt to the needs of each client.

But something that Suitaprest handles is that its loans require the economic guarantee of the property , it also provides loans to reform a property and for those people who are registered in the Credit Checker or RAI files, where they are branded as delinquent .

Mortgage loan

Suitaprest offers financing through mortgage loans , they can offer you from € 5,000 to € 300,000. If you are thinking of buying a property, but you have not yet sold yours, Suitaprest offers you the capital you need in a very short time, so that you can make the purchase without having to sell your property badly.

Loans for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Suitaprest offers credits of up to € 300,000 to entrepreneurs. Being able as such to offer you this amount to start your project and fulfill all your dreams. The professionals who work at Suitaprest will be advising you at all times without commitment or prior expense. The maximum term to repay the loan is 15 years, this being one more opportunity for clients. This loan will allow you to start your new business in a very short time.

Home Equity Business Loans

Suitaprest also offers its services to owners of small and medium businesses. If the client owns a commercial premises or other property as collateral, he may have access to financing of up to € 300,000. With the business loan, if you want to improve your current business, or create a new one, and what you need is speed, Suitaprest will help you with the necessary capital to

Starting your new project, whatever the situation your company is going through, Suitaprest offers liquidity through a loan with a home equity guarantee for a land, commercial premises or house.

Debt reunification

Suitaprest offers loans to unify all your debts, from € 5,000 and without the need to change your bank. Suitaprest gives you comfortable monthly installments for a term of up to 15 years, thus saving you the interests of other financial companies, so that you can pay all your debts, such as: mortgages, credit cards and others that have you registered in delinquent files such as RAI o Credit Checker, all in a single monthly installment, and as we have seen, the only thing Suitaprest requests is to have a property as collateral.

Renovation loan

In this case, you may be thinking of renovating your home, or you just want to renovate your property, your bank may have already rejected the loan application. Suitaprest offers loans to reform your property, this is the best way to increase the value of it, so you will not have to sell it badly, it will increase its value in the market and allow you to obtain a greater profit after the sale.

Paying taxes to acquire an inheritance

Having an inheritance, but not having the liquidity for all the expenses that it entails is a big problem. The important thing is that Suitaprest can help you, it offers you the possibility of credit with a mortgage guarantee, this being the property that you will receive as an inheritance, Suitaprest will personally advise you on tax matters without obligation so that the expenses in the acceptance of your inheritance are affordable. Likewise, if you are thinking of selling the property that you are going to inherit, you can request a '' Lack of capital '' Where in a period of 4 years you can pay only the interest and at any time you can pay the loan, thus having time to sell your property, save on interest and not be burdened by small time lapses.

Individual loans with Credit Checker and RAI

Suitaprest offers mortgage loans for individuals, being the destination of that money for any purpose. As we mentioned before, the only requirement is to have a property as a guarantee. Regardless of whether clients appear on the delinquent lists such as Credit Checker or RAI, the amounts offered are fair for their property.

RAI or Credit Checker loans for companies

If you have a company and it is registered in the Registry of Unpaid Acceptances or RAI, there will be no problem in obtaining a loan. Suitaprest grants up to 40% of the value of the property, and being the case in which there is a previous charge, the same loan will cancel the charge, the total amount requested plus the property charges, an amount not exceeding 40% of the value of this. The capital that Suitaprest will provide you will help you get out of those terrible debts, or it will simply help you to continue developing your business.

Is it safe to borrow at Suitaprest?

This financial institution is subscribed to by the National Consumer Institute, guaranteeing the protection of consumers and users. It also ensures the transparency and legality of financial intermediaries. They are regulated by law 2/2009, of March 31. All operations carried out by this company are made by a high-quality legal department and are signed before a notary, which guarantees clients maximum confidentiality and security when confirming their mortgage loan.

Suitaprest requirements

The main requirement to be able to access the exclusive Suitaprest loans is to be the owner of a real estate property, although even if you are in the situation that you have not yet settled the debt of said registry property, Suitaprest will lend you the money to finance that settlement .

Another requirement that is also important for Suitaprest is to be of legal age.

It is worth mentioning that priority is given to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or freelancers of companies or businesses.

Suitaprest interest rates

The interest rate varies for each loan, since they are secured loans, the interest rate varies depending on how much has been loaned to the client and also on the period of time in which it will pay.

How to apply for Suitaprest loans and credits

In order to apply for an online loan at Suitaprest, you must go through the following steps:

  1. First enter the official Suitaprest website there is a section in the upper right called REQUEST A LOAN by clicking on this section a new window with an application is displayed. Within this request you must specify what capital is required as well as personal data so that Suitaprest experts can contact you.
  2. On the same day that you send the request, Suitaprest experts will analyze it and will contact you to let you know if the request has been approved or not.
  3. From 2 to 3 business days after the application has been approved, an official appraiser from the Suitaprest company performs an appraisal of the property that is available, based on which the experts can decide how much capital to lend.
  4. Once the above is concluded, the amount and term with which the client is returning the money that has been loaned as well as the necessary documentation is stipulated so that in a maximum period of a week the loan to be signed before a notary is granting so that the money can be delivered to the beneficiary.

How to repay Suitaprest personal loans

The way of repayment may vary depending on the case, but the most common is to return the credit through monthly installments and the period to return the money also depends on the agreement that has been made at the time of acquiring the debt, since this too varies depending on the loan from 6 months to 20 years.

Suitaprest customer service and support

Within the official Suitaprest page there is a section at the bottom called BLOG in which there is a lot of information related to the company and much of it is information that can help to know if it is the best option.

In addition, compared to multiple companies that exist in the market that are dedicated to online loans, Suitaprest is one of the few companies that provides personal customer service, this is carried out through the customer service they provide in their physical offices located in Barcelona and Madrid, where they are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are dedicated to following up on authorized loans and also providing specialized customer service if required.

Extensions and postponements in Suitaprest

If at a certain moment it should happen that the client wants to carry out an extension of certain payments or a postponement due to an unforeseen situation that has arisen, Suitaprest has the advantage of being flexible to that type of situation, which they should be discussed directly with experts in the field.

Opinions on Suitaprest credits and loans

Ana Lozano: I have obtained a loan with Suitprest to reform my home, in a surprising period of time and with installments adapted to my economy.

Esteban Ruíz: I had a small mortgage on my home but I needed a refinancing of it, and Suitprest has managed it quickly, which is not the case with other well-known banks.

Alicia Bonanza: I have applied for a small loan at Suitprest to start a small nail business, I already have the older children and I need to work. This company has provided me with the financing I needed with great agility and adapted fees, I am very happy with them, they are very effective with the self-employed.

In conclusion

Suitaprest is an online loan company where the only requirement is a mortgage guarantee due to the amount of money requested.

It is a very flexible company, since it has a range of money and term where the client can choose the amount and suggest the term that is most to their liking.

In addition, it is a 100% verified company that operates under the corresponding laws. Another very remarkable aspect of Suitaprest is that compared to other companies in the market that share a customer market with Suitaprest , they have physical customer service, where if the customer so decides they can go to any of their offices to resolve any doubt, request the information or generate the loan signature.

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