Casa De Crédito - Loans to Individuals and Companies

Casa de Crédito is a brand for commercial purposes of the Linx Capital Investements Group SL brand from Barcelona , which specializes in granting monetary loans to companies and individuals . They work to provide an alternative to traditional banking and their home loans. The granting of their loans is with a mortgage, car or art guarantee.

What makes Casa de Crédito different

The difference with contracting a loan with Casa de Crédito , to contracting it with a traditional bank, results in the ease of obtaining what you need. Banks tend to take a lot of turns, and until the contract is formalized, many troubles may arise.

If you meet the requirements that Casa de Crédito needs, then you can immediately do what you planned with this money. As we already told you, they will not ask you for information for which you need the loan, so we will not have to make our proposal interesting and then have it accepted.

Types of current loans at

The types of loans from Casa de Crédito are easy to obtain but remember that you must have the guarantee of a mortgage, a car or a valuable work of art. We explain each of the types of loans in more detail:

Casa de Credito Home Equity Loan:

You will not need to present your payroll to justify your income , and thus the means to repay the loan. If you need money urgently, you will only need to have a property that has little outstanding capital or that is free of charges. It can be a home, a second residence, a parking space, a plot of land, a premises, an industrial warehouse, etc.

Nor will it be necessary to explain why you need the money, and they can be requested for any purpose. In less than 24 hours your application will be studied by experts from Casa de Crédito and they will give you an answer, whether it is positive or negative. That is how easy and fast your home equity loan can be.

You may be awarded up to 35% of the appraised value of your property. Within the Home Equity Initiative, you have two options to choose from: Home Equity or Easy Warranty.

The differences between them are:

  • Mortgage: term up to 10 years, annual fixed interest from 8.9%, it is necessary to prove repayment capacity, it does not matter if there is delinquency with EXPERIAN, Credit Checker or RAI.
  • Easy: term up to 3 years, annual fixed interest from 9.9%, no need to prove employment status or income, up to 3 years without capital, possibility of not paying installments until maturity.

Loan with vehicle guarantee from Casa de Crédito:

With your vehicle you can access a loan from Casa de Crédito with just one click. Whether you have a car, a motorcycle, a truck, a van, etc., it will serve as a backup guarantee to have financial help quickly and easily.

You can take advantage of this loan for any purpose, and proof of income or your employment situation will not be necessary either. As with the home equity loan, in just 24 hours after making your request you can have your money ready to use.

General characteristics and conditions:

  • Immediate concession, monthly interest from 3%, the loan may be up to 60% of the value of the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be more than 8 years old, you have up to 6 months to recover your vehicle, and liquidity instantly.

Loan with art guarantee from Casa de Crédito:

The other way that offers is the method of obtaining a quick and easy loan by guaranteeing a work of art. Within a work of art many objects can be cataloged, from paintings and sculptures to watches and jewelry.

In this case, early cancellation at maturity will not be penalized, so it is 0%. Nor does it matter if you appear as delinquent in a file, such as the Credit Checker or RAI. As always, the experts at Casa de Crédito will study each particular case and will give a quick response to your request, at most in 24 hours.

General characteristics and conditions:

  • Monthly interest from 3%, up to 6 months to recover the work, the possibility of managing the sale of the work is offered while it is pawned, the loan may be up to 25% of the value of the appraisal of the work.

The main advantages of choosing Casa de Crédito

They reside in the professionalism with which the team works, as well as the following qualities:

  • Your loans will be granted regardless of the purpose and without the need to change bank
  • They look for the solutions that best suit each interested client
  • The contracting conditions are clear and transparent from the first moment
  • Processing is agile, fast and easy
  • As we already mentioned, its team of professionals make all this possible in the best way

The main characteristics of Casa de Crédito

The characteristics that stand out at Casa de Crédito are its quick loans to process and immediate to obtain, something that will not happen to you with banks. You will be able to enjoy money urgently to solve any possible situation, they are private capital Barcelona, ​​regrouping or financing of debts, and loans even if they appear in delinquency files. They will also help you with liens and inheritances.

It is safe to ask for a loan at Casa de Crédito

The biggest doubt of all when requesting a loan with a non-bank entity is the security of the transaction. The years of experience and the good opinions of our clients prove it. Likewise, all contracts made with Casa de Crédito will be signed in front of a notary for greater security.

Requirements to apply for a loan with Casa de Crédito

The requirements to apply for a loan with Casa de Crédito are simple, since they will not ask for much documentation for it. On their website you will see that everything begins with a form, which is completed free of charge. You can request from 600 US dollars, the maximum limit will depend on the asset to be invested as collateral for the loan.

What they are most interested in knowing is how much money you need for your personalized loan and what you have as collateral. With this information, Casa de Crédito can see if your application is viable. Once this first process has been accepted, then some more information will be required to create the contract.

Casa de Crédito interest rate

The interest rate charged by the Casa de Crédito company is relative to the request made. All the loans provided are with a fixed interest, which according to the guarantee provided may be annual or monthly. As this number depends on various factors, you should contact professionals who work at, but to get an idea we can count on that they range between 8.90% and 14.90%.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker at Casa de Crédito

The fundamental thing is to highlight that Casa de Crédito does not care that you have any delinquencies with the Credit Checker and / or the RAI, the same with EXPERIAN , or any entity that has these files. They believe in people and believe that everyone deserves new opportunities to achieve their goals and feel fulfilled, they know that anyone can have a setback or losing streak.

Mobile application and customer service with Casa de Crédito

The customer service area will be able to clarify all your doubts. On the Web there is a contact form, but their telephones are also available, and even their address in Barcelona. Of course, they also provide an email address. They are totally willing to help you, by whatever means.

Casa de Crédito at the moment does not have a mobile application to manage your requests, but there is no need to worry, because also through your device you will be able to enter the company's website and access everything available in it, comfortably and safe.

How to apply for a loan at Casa de Crédito ?

So, how do we do if we want to apply for a loan with Casa de Crédito ? Through the website,, we can fill in the form with the guarantee that suits us best and click on send, to start the process, or we can contact us by phone at 93 100 23 42. If you prefer a personal interview, then you call the same number and ask for an appointment.

Once the credit is approved, the entity will inquire about the appraisal of the property that you will use as collateral and then the conditions will be reviewed together with the client. When the parties agree, then the contract will be signed (this is done with a notary public in order to provide maximum legal and civil security). That is when you will be given a check with the agreed loan.

How to repay the Casa de Crédito loan?

The repayment of the loan is made through a bank account. Monthly income can be made or the receipt can be processed to your bank account so you can forget about dates and payment terms. If you are late with a payment for more than 3 days, a penalty must be paid, which will depend on the number of days it takes you to pay off the debt for that month.

Extensions and postponements of Casa de Crédito

If you know that you will not be able to pay off the loan with Casa de Crédito then you should communicate it as soon as possible, and once again with the professionals who work here you will be able to find a solution to your problem. If otherwise, you do not communicate or do not show willingness to pay, or any feasible solution, the matter will go to court and they could keep your property. You can always look for a better solution.

The best thing is that if you pay and pay off your loan in advance, you will not be charged any commission, and you will only pay the interest for the months that the contract has lasted. So you can cancel your monetary loan with Casa de Crédito at any time.

Opinions about Casa de Crédito

Antonio G.- I am a self-employed person who could not pay his last months, I refinanced the debts he had with Casa de Crédito and thus got rid of them

Marta E.- She needed a quick loan and at Casa de Crédito she was able to count on the money quickly and safely, grateful that they made things so much easier for her

Ernesto N.- I am delighted, because apart from having sought a solution to my financial problems, they kindly reminded him that his payment date was approaching and it was very comfortable for him.

And just like them, there are many more grateful people for the service provided at Casa de Crédito. Adapting to your needs in a personalized way, surprising with its contracting modalities and above all for the good treatment of its professionals.


Casa de Crédito is an entity that was formed with the intention of providing a solution to people who for any reason are outside the conditions requested by banks, as well as for those who prefer not to deal with banking entities that control them.

Its solid network of agents, its allies and its great expansion in the market make this company a great entity that helps, with its professionals, both financially and legally. This is how its values ​​as a company are justified, with commitment, seriousness and transparency.

Casa de Crédito is an ideal way to obtain a monetary loan quickly and safely, with professionals who know what they do and seek the best solution for each client according to their needs to be covered. Thus they manage to retain their customers, with confidence and excellent treatment. Casa de Crédito is the solution to your financial problems.

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  1. Good afternoon, I would need a loan of 1500 US dollars endorsed with my car, it is 14 years old but very well valued. It is for an urgent surgical operation

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