T-presta Request Loans and Credits with Mortgage Guarantee of up to "€ 600,000"

T-presta is an intermediary company that gives you the opportunity to simply and quickly find a company tailored to your needs that can lend you money at the time you need it.

In addition, T-loan gives you the possibility of obtaining this money without this involving an extra expense for you, since study expenses are not charged. The company uses the property you own as collateral .

What is T-Presta

It is a system that offers you the possibility of enjoying money quickly and in a timely manner and all you need is to own a property.

What makes T-presta different

Unlike millions of companies that are on the Internet and offer loans, T-presta connects companies with people who want to get a loan , giving the possibility of finding a company tailored to you without the need to search among hundreds of them, the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Advantages of choosing T-presta

The main advantage of t-presta is that you can enjoy an urgent amount of money for any need you have, as long as you have a property registered in the public registry. That property will be your guarantee and you can get any type of credit with a minimum of 3 months and a total of 15 years.

Another advantage is that all contracts with t-presta are always signed with a notary present and in a public notary, the guarantee is registered in the public records. The interest rate on the loan varies depending on the amount and also on the guarantee.

Whenever the customer makes a payment, an invoice is issued to the customer for the amount that has been invoiced.

Once the loan is paid off, the mortgage is lifted or can be renewed and the client receives a new loan.

It is safe to ask for a loan in T-loan

Yes, it is safe to ask for a loan, since the only thing you leave as collateral is a property that you recover once the loan has been paid with them and that in fact you can re-invest when you need it.

T-presta requirements

To request a loan in T- loan, the requirements that you have to meet are very few and the documents that the entity asks for can be obtained in a few minutes, since you only need to prove that the home with which you are going to guarantee is yours. To give you an idea of ​​how easy it is to get money in t-loan, here are some of the most important requirements, although everything will depend on the product you want to request.

1. Valid DNI or NIE

2. Bank account and a document that is capable of proving that you are the owner, in addition to the login details of your bank account.

3. Simple note if you have it

4. Contract for the sale of the property

5. Copy of the last IBI payment

In case a car is used as collateral, for example, documents will be requested in order to verify the position of the car or what you are going to use as collateral.

If any extra documents are needed, t-presta will contact you to send the missing documents.

Finally, we also have to emphasize that t-loan is not going to require you to present any type of document, although they are going to ask you to show that they can carry out the corresponding payments so that they can give you a loan, without your financial setbacks. If T-Loan feels that you want a loan that you cannot pay, they will deny you the possibility of obtaining it.

When sending documents, remember that the way to do it is always digitally. You should avoid taking photos of the documents since the correct way to do it is to scan them and send them by means of a pdf.

T-loan interest rates

It is not possible to say the interest rate that t- lends exactly, since this depends a lot on multiple factors.

  1. The location of the house you want to mortgage
  2. The value of the house to be mortgaged
  3. The amount of money to be requested from t-presta
  4. The term in which the loan is paid
  5. The type of product you want to contract

Even with all this, we can highlight that the annual interest rates are from 8%

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in T-presta

Yes, you can request credits with Credit Checker , since you will put your property as collateral.

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Types of loans offered by T-presta

Among the products that are handled in T-presta, we find several options adapted to each of the clients.

Among the options that t-presta handles we find the following:

Reunification of debts and loans

Although this type of service is not so well known in Spain, but it is one of the most useful for families and companies. If you have a series of loans and credits with several institutions, t-loan gives you the possibility of reunifying all your debts so that you pay a single installment without so many problems. This means that instead of paying 200 US dollars per company, you will start paying t-lend a monthly fee of 100 US dollars a single time.

Among the main advantages when it comes to reunifying are:

1. Pay the fee to a single company.

2. You can save different interest rates charged by multiple companies.

3. They take you out of the Credit Checker or RAi and clean all your credit history.

Private capital and urgent money

This is the typical loan that we ask for in all companies and that is used in most cases to make repairs or last minute payments. Also for payments and specific invoices that you did not have.

This product is characterized by:

1. The request that you must send to the company and that is managed in a couple of days

2. The few requirements that are asked

3. Requirements are very easy to meet

4. Accounts with the bridge mortgage

T-loan bridge mortgage loan

In case you are looking for urgent money , a bridging loan is the best option, not only to start a business or idea, but to reform a house, returning the money in a short term. In this case, the mortgage loan is the best solution for you.

These types of loans are authorized in less than 24 hours in order to enjoy the money in your bank as soon as possible. This will fix any money problems quickly.

Unsecured loans

Unsecured loans are the best option, since they are mini-loans that can be obtained in any entity and that range from 50 to 600 US dollars . These types of loans have a short period in which they must be paid. They are also known as 10 minute credits.

Loan with the guarantee of your car

T-presta vehicle owner loan

These types of loans have up to 15,000 US dollars so that you can enjoy at your whim and all you have to do is leave your car as collateral, however, you can continue using it without problem. You will be able to enjoy this amount in less than 24 hours in your bank account and if your request is accepted, in 30 minutes you will have the answer.

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Other types of loans with T-presta

Although the ones we have named are the most popular loans , you can also find other types of loans.

  • Licensed Taxi Loans.
  • Loans for companies and freelancers.
  • Foreclosures and auctions cancellation.
  • Loans with Credit Checker and RAI.
  • Loans without collateral.
  • Loans without payroll.
  • Purchase-sale mortgage loan

If you want any of these loans, then you must go to a physical office or call by phone and they will tell you how you can get it.

How to apply for T-presta loans and credits

To be able to apply for a loan in t-loan the steps are very simple. To order it you just have to have an Internet connection and a Tablet or a computer . Follow these steps and in a few minutes you can have the money in your account.

The first thing you need is to apply for your loan. To apply for the loan, you have the option to "apply for credit" at the top of the T- loan page and from there the form will be displayed.

Then you just have to fill in the data that are:

  • Full name or company name of your company.
  • Email.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Address of the property to be mortgaged.
  • Set the amount you request

You have a bar in which you can set the amount and a term of up to 15 years to pay, depending on the product you need. Accept the privacy policy and give the option to request a loan.

Study and proposals

Here, you do not have to do anything, since it is the company that is in charge of doing all the study that is needed. The credit committee will evaluate the type of work you have done. All requests are personally evaluated in order to offer the best option to each client.

When evaluating the request, if the amount you need is not what you can pay, t-loan will help you find the best option for you and will send it to you by email.

Establish appraisal and delivery of documentation

Once you read the entire document and agree with the proposal that has been sent to you, what you should do is gather all the information they ask for (extra) and send it to the entity. At this point, if the conditions do not like you.

Signature of the contract and delivery of the money

The moment you accept and sign the contract, the money will go to your account. Please note that some products must be notarized.

T-Presta will inform you how this procedure is carried out

Receiving the money

You must bear in mind that t-presta does not make bank transfers. Tpresta, will send you a check that you can cash in any entity. Once you receive it, you must make the payment in two days.

Process variations

In some procedures, some extra conditions are given or some type of necessary documentation has to be sent, but these are minor cases. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact t-presta by phone.

Extensions and postponements

Although the platform does an investigation, you may have problems paying at some point or it defaults on any type of payments. The company contemplates that some month you have not paid the amount on time, so in these cases, the correct thing is that you contact the platform and explain your case to them.

They have professionals who can help you at all times and give you the best option. Do not allow your account to fall into default, so that your account is invalidated, the best option is to always notify and with a few days.

In case you do not notify the entity, you will have two problems. The first is a penalty of% for each day you go unpaid and the second a fee of 30 US dollars for each month that you leave your account unpaid. This can be solved with a simple call to the company in time.

If you want to pay ahead of time, you can do that too. You do not have to be 100% pessimistic and in case you have the money ahead of time and want to solve your debt, you have the possibility of doing it without any problem.

These types of deadlines have a cost:

  • A 0.5 if you do it during the first 5 years of the loan
  • 0.25% if you pay it in full from the fifth year

Mobile application and customer service

There is no mobile application, but there are several ways in which you can contact the company. You can get in touch with the company through 900 827 777. You can get in touch by email: requests@t-presta.es.

Opinions about T-Presta

Rosa L. I am a T-Presta client and I am very happy with the services provided. I could not get money in any bank and they helped me when I needed it most, since I was in Credit Checker and they did not hit me at all for it.

Oscar j. This private equity company saved me from financial ruin. Being in Credit Checker and also involved with countless credits and debts, I was able to untangle the financial knot that tied me, which seemed endless. It is an entity with rapid processes, capable of providing advice and support. This makes you want to borrow and pay!

Ana D. T-Presta is one of those companies trained in her field that know very well what they do. In my case, they were attentive to my financial needs and were kind enough to advise me, which they do not do in banks or other entities of this type. I definitely recommend this company.

Armando F. are companies that give loans to people who have already been rejected in all banks. They are the only ones who grant a loan or a reunification to these people, even knowing that they owe money to three or four entities. And since they run a very high risk of default, their backs are covered with fees that are much more expensive than those of the banks.

Think about it: no one in their right mind would lend money to someone who already owes money to three others and is not paying them. Certainly not without gaining almost nothing or covering the kidney very well. They are moneylenders, not NGOs.

On the other hand, if reunification had been granted by a bank, it would also charge you the appraisal and the notary, although not the fees or the lawyer. For this reason, because we know that the costs are very high, we always advise trying first to request reunification at the banks where you have outstanding loans.

In other words, these companies -T-Presta, among others.- are the last resort when banks no longer give you credit. That's their business and they put the numbers straight on the table from the start.


Due to its multiple products, you can enjoy any of them at different times in your life, always giving you the option of not having to ask for guarantors of any kind or help your family to enjoy the extra money you need at some point and Even if what you need is a debt reunification to pay less, they are able to unite all your debts into one and make your monthly debt drop drastically, allowing a better quality of life, not only for you, but to all who live with you.

As you can see, T-presta is one of the most complete options you can find.

A comment

  1. T-Presta is usually synonymous with trust and flexibility. We only have good words for them.

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