- First Free Credit of up to € 400 If you cancel in the first 10 days is a company in which they offer, they are focused on solving your expenses for an occasional situation in which you have a lack of liquidity, attending a specific need as a result of an unexpected outlay. In this sense, what I Need-Money is looking for from you and the clients is a responsible use of financing, as it should not be used regularly as a continuous mechanism to cover the lack of money and this is for two important reasons: its cost and also its expiration in a few days.

The financing is short-term, which is why the commitment to repay the short-term with the company I Need Money , obliges clients to have a recurring income that allows them to pay off the debt in a few days.

Unlike other types of financing such as with a credit card or with a bank loan , I Need Money financing is not to maintain debt month after month by increasing it and extending long-term financing. The model that this company has consists of helping the client by making available the money they require, when they require it and for the term that is necessary. In this way and if the client manages to comply with the company, the next time they will be able to extend their hand again when they need it.

The services are transparent from the beginning, this is because the web automatically shows the total cost of its services, thus indicating the cost based on the amount requested, as well as the return period that the client choose, showing on the screen before the client has to apply for the loan. their service is clearly quantified, with transparency and that it can only become more expensive when the client has defaulted on the payment on the agreed due date.

  What makes them different?

They are one of the best options, in Need- they have made all the efforts that are within their reach to streamline and automate the risk analysis process of your company in order to offer an objective and almost immediate response to your customers . Your process is 100% online, paperless and private. This guarantees an efficient, fast and objective process. Your customers will have the cash available at any time and in an incredibly short time.

They are fast, transparent and flexible, they offer you all the flexibility, you can choose when and how much you can pay. With the company I Need-Money you will be the one who chooses. They only do everything necessary so that you can receive your funds immediately and thus manage to cover your monetary needs, disposing of the money in a transparent, agile and fast way. There are no surprises like hidden fees or fine print. From the beginning you will know the cost of their services.

It is a very responsible company, because in I Need Money clients promote a responsible use of their services. They do not increase the credit of their clients over time increasing the financial burden, I Need Money favors the early and fast payment of the loan. If you can pay the amount before the due date, do it and you will save more money since in Need Money they have a serious commitment to using credit responsibly.

Advantages to choose from in Need-

Its advantages are that it offers you the immediate solution to your financial problems that arise. Its mission is to solve your urgent needs in a timely manner. They offer short-term and fast loans , with flexibility and convenience that banks or lenders do not offer you. The rigidity and bureaucracy of the existing supply is eliminated.

They have a very agile and efficient service, which will surely support you and reach out when you need it most.

The main characteristics of I need money

Its financing is flexible, unlike other sources of credit, the service that I Need Money offers allows you to perfectly adjust to your needs from the amount you require and the time in which you can pay it. With this, there is no mandatory term or a fixed or minimum amount stipulated to lend.

Requirements to apply for a loan with I need money

In order to apply for the loan, you need to be of legal age and have residence in Spain. In addition to having a Spanish bank or savings account, having an email address and a personal mobile phone in addition to not being listed in the defaulter registry. Check recurring source of income.

Interest rate

The loan has a commission that is independent of the amount that was loaned. The fees will be charged depending on both the amount and the duration of the loan and the risk profile that exists. The exact amount for the loan will be specified directly with the client when applying for their loan.

Customer service I need money

To clarify any doubts you can also access the website in the frequently asked questions section, and in case you do not find your answer, you can fill out a form on the same page so that they can contact you as soon as possible.

Their customer service team will also be available at 912204903. They will try to answer whatever your query is within the next 24 hours, during office hours.

Loan types

In this company, personal and immediate loans are offered for up to 400 US dollars.

How to apply for the credits with

Applying for a loan at is a very simple process, more than you imagine because you will only have to follow a few easy steps to make use of the money you have requested. The company I Need Money can lend you up to 400 US dollars in 4 steps that are:

  • Decide the money you need and the date you can return it.
  • Fill out and send the form, as well as your bank account to receive the deposit.
  • They will evaluate your application and inform you of the decision in a few minutes.
  • After approving the credit and confirming it, you will have your money in 1 hour.

Extensions and postponements with I need money

If you could not cancel your loan with the date you chose, immediately contact the company to agree on the new date. There will be a penalty for late payment, as well as surcharges depending on the time it takes to pay off the debt.

In the event that the due date arrived and you were unable to pay your total or partial debt, in addition to the unpaid amount, you must pay a total of 15% of the unpaid amount as a penalty. The minimum will be 20.00 US dollars.

In the event of a default, the client must assume his charge for the cost of the payment reminders that the lender Need Money sends him. The first reminder will be sent on the third day of the breach. Each reminder will cost 12.00 US dollars.

The lender may assign his credit to the delinquent borrower to a third party so that he can take charge of the collection management. As of 30 days after the expiration of the debt, the lender reserves the right to judicially claim the delinquent debtor balance to which the legal expenses of the claim will be added.

Except in some exceptional cases, legal claims for the outstanding debt may be initiated at the moment the company considers that the loan is uncollectible. If legal action had to be taken to recover the loan, the outstanding amount will undoubtedly be increased by the costs that are relative to the legal claim.

Opinions about I need money

Rodrigo D.- somewhat detailed to give the loan, but very professional, I appreciate being able to go on a trip thanks to this loan.

Andrés Gómez.- I was very happy with the service, I requested it to give a subscription to my house and thanks to that I avoided many problems.

P. Sánchez- the online process is a great advance because it is very agile and comfortable. In addition to the fact that I need money, he helped me when I needed it most. Highly recommended.


In Need- services are offered differently from the competition, since this is through an online and fully automated process without the need for documentation, phone calls or faxes to be sent. Its sophisticated application evaluation system will allow the credit record to be analyzed and valued in just a few minutes, thus accepting only those clients who offer a very high probability of meeting the amount of the debt when due.

In Need-money they only want to lend money to those people who are sure they can pay their debt in a short time. The process they have for evaluating applications makes it possible to periodically review the credit limit of each client, all according to their credit history and their professional and personal situation.

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